About Me

Hello there! Welcome to Basic Bitch Getting Rich! A blog borne out of the frustration of trying to find ideas to help me save money without being so frugal as to lead me to start re-using my paper towels (Yes! That’s a real money-saving tip!).


I’m the Basic Bitch. A 30-something DINK (on just this side of the Millennial age range) who made it out of the recession with a graduate level education, manageable student loans, and a rewarding career. I’m not one of those FIRE people (look it up), but I’ve realized that if everything goes well, my husband I should manage to make it to a somewhat early retirement (I’m shooting for 55) and a sizeable nest egg.


However, I do know that we could be doing a bit better when it comes to the savings department. I tend to be very susceptible to lifestyle creep and my less materialistic husband is often tasked with reigning me in. It was when I got a promotion and then immediately set out trying to justify to him that we needed to have a $12,000 pool installed that I realized that I should probably try to get a better grip on our finances.


Part of the reason that we’re, personally, doing so well is that I’ve always been interested in frugality blogs. When we were fresh out college, living in a 600 sq foot condo that the housing crash sent plummeting 20,000 leagues under the sea, it was a very helpful way for us to save money so we could go on vacation or, you know, eat something other than ramen.


Now, though, 10 years removed and having done pretty well in the job market, I’ve let many of those frugality tips become a distant memory. Wanting to get back to saving a bit more money here and there, I started revisiting those old blogs and realized that those kinds of tips just weren’t right for where we were in our lives. I can afford a $5 Starbucks, and avocado toast will not break the bank. 😉 But there are still things that I can do to help us save money, help us optimize our retirement projections, and still allow us a little bit more luxury than we had immediately following undergrad.


That’s where I hope this blog will come in. Talking with my friends (in a variety of different financial situations) I realized that a blog like this might be able to help other folks in similar situations. I promise never to get too out there in my money saving tips. But hopefully some of the things I’ll write about will resonate with folks in similar situations.


Check out the blog and drop me a line at basicbgettingrich@gmail.com