Blogs I Follow

Need something else to help you waste time on the internet? Interested in some more personal finance blogs? Curious about those weird FIRE people?

Take a look at some of the blogs that I read – and that helped me become the person I am today.


The Simple Dollar

This is probably the finance blog I’ve been following the longest. It’s more of a frugality blog and I remember finding it when hubby and I were not yet engaged and just moving in together. I needed some help keeping us on a budget and Trent’s blog was exactly what I was looking for.

I picked up his book  many moons ago and still read his posts weekly. I’ve even written in to him for help! (Shhh!) He has a very earnest, down-to-earth personality that I just really love.

Mr. Money Mustache

Is he the be-all-end-all in personal finance? Maybe! He’s definitely the guy when it comes to the FIRE revolution (financial independence, retire early).

And while some of his recommendations and the way he lives his life are not always practical for the average American (not all of us can bike to work!), he definitely keeps me inspired and interested in personal finance.

The Millennial-Revolution

Now, these guys are right up my alley! DINKs who like to travel, eat good food, drink good beer, and can tell it to you straight? I’ll take it.

I love FIREcracker and Wanderer and their website alternately cracks me up and makes me supremely jealous. They’re, again, more on the FIRE side of things having retired already, but they are awesome.

Budgets Are Sexy

Budgets are Sexy is the original! J. Money is pretty amazing. He’s honest and real and he’s had a personal hand in the growth of the Personal Finance Blogging World with other sites like Rockstar Finance. He’s a pretty cool dude!

Budget Bytes

Contrary to my normal stance on convenience, I do like to cook. I really like to cook with super fancy expensive ingredients. This… can add up fast. Budget Bytes focuses on cheap, delicious eats with an extensive selection of vegetarian meals. Love it!

Modest Money

Modest Money is pretty cool. This site is a news aggregator and I’ll check it out in order to get a quick fix of what’s going on in the finance world. I like the Financial Advice section the most, though. I can never get enough lifehacks when it comes to personal finance.