The Day My Dryer Broke

Gather ‘round, bitches. Let me tell you the story of how I almost needlessly spent $600 in the name of convenience.

It’s 4th of July weekend and I’m enjoying the first 4 day weekend I’ve had in a very long time. No side hustle work waiting for me, no projects running behind schedule. Just me. At home. With a book.

I decided hubby and I should get all of the house chores out of the way early in the weekend so I could enjoy uninterrupted relaxation time. Husband agrees and starts the laundry. But when that first load finishes and he moves to put the whites in the dryer he realizes I had left some sheets in there from last time (I’m super bad about this. Sorry, husband!).

But wait. The sheets are still wet. Say what?

“I must have left the dryer on tumble dry” I told him. “We’ll just wash them again since they’re smelly.”

Hubby loads the whites into the dryer and we get to work on our other chores.

An hour or so later the dryer beeps and we go to pull the clothes out and they’re still wet.


The dryer did not heat up at all, despite being on heated dry, and now we’ve got a smelly set of sheets, a load of whites that are still wet, and another load of darks that had been washing while the whites were in the dryer.

Mother fucker.

Have you ever had to figure out how to dry three sets of soaking wet laundry? I had visions of me hanging underwear from ceiling fans. But I snapped out of it and told my husband I’d take the laundry to my mom’s to dry and maybe he could try to fix the dryer.

(Now… I love my husband dearly. He’s super smart. Amazingly funny. Caring. Loving. All those things. But… a handyman he is not.)

I head on over to my parent’s house with a book and the laundry and my tablet, figuring I could research new dryers while I was there. About part way through the laundry I get a text message from my husband, “Fixed it!” he texts triumphantly.

I head home with the laundry but, plot twist, the dryer wasn’t quite fixed. It was a false alarm.

Husband tried a few more things to get it going again, including blowing out the vent with a leaf blower!

Side note: did you know that is the most common cause of dryer malfunction? Lint builds up in the vent, the dryer overheats, a fuse pops, and boom, your dryer won’t get hot anymore.

Now picture this… the dryer is pulled out from the wall, there is crap everywhere, I’m trying to enjoy my vacation, and I’m slowly getting more and more aggravated. Not at my husband, or anything, just at the situation.

I grab my purse and head to the front door fully intending to purchase a new dryer. After all, we’ve clearly exhausted our own personal capabilities when it comes to this stuff.

American Express will fix it now.

Except, I don’t make it to the door before my husband says, “Well, I guess we better call someone.”

Hmm? Come again?

“It still tumbles. It still turns on. Google says…”

Yeah, yeah, he’s probably right. Maybe someone could come and fix it. On a holiday weekend. And they won’t charge us nearly half of what a new dryer is worth anyway. Can you tell I’m not feeling confident about this?

“We’ve got time,” husband reassures me. “The laundry is done for the week. We’ll figure it out.”

He’s right, so I take the next few days to enjoy my staycation before I go searching for a repair man.

Have you guys ever heard of Thumbtack? It’s a site that helps match services to people in need of that service. I found out about it because my brother-in-law is an HVAC repairman and he uses it to find odd jobs.

Anyway, you can go onto Thumbtack, type up a description of your problem, and then anybody who feels as if they can complete your job can reach out to you with their contact information, a basic quote (depending on the job) and when they’re available.

Luckily for me, within about 30 minutes of typing up my dryer related problem on Thumbtack, Cisco answered my post. He’d charge me $75 flat for the repair. The only thing that did not include was the part, but he didn’t charge anything extra if he had to leave and come back, or if the first repair didn’t stick and he had to readjust something.

But the best part was? He could be there in two hours.

I called up the hubs to make sure that sounded reasonable and he said to go for it. So I called Cisco and set up the appointment.

You guys… Cisco was amazing. He was 15 minutes early to our appointment, he diagnosed the problem within 5 minutes, he put in a new fuse (in shiny new wrapping) that he happened to already have in his truck, he HELPED ME CLEAN MY LAUNDRY ROOM, and the cost for all that was only $100.

Yeah. Husband gets a gold star on this one. A simple fuse pop almost made me throw out a perfectly good dryer.

There are a couple of takeaways here, though, that I feel the need to point out.

  • The fuse probably didn’t cost all that much money. But having Cisco’s expertise install it in less than 15 minutes, was worth that money to me.
  • A handier person than my husband and I could have probably replaced that fuse. After it was put in, I did manage to find some youtube videos that show how to fix it.
  • This is a Basic Bitch lesson in that, sometimes, I need to value mine and my husband’s time vs. valuing how long it would take to fix something. If I had researched the fuse pop more. If I had purchased the needed fuse. If I had watched the video and followed along to fix it. How long would that have taken me? A few hours? A day? I’m not certain. But to me – it was well worth the $100 to have Cisco come out and do it.
  • I’ve mentioned this before, but I almost always choose a convenience item over a non-convenience item. I’m still working on this. Especially when it comes to eating out and such. But it SEEMED more convenient for me to buy a new dryer and have someone install it then troubleshoot the issue. That obviously wasn’t the truth, as I didn’t even have to leave my home to find and hire a repairman using Thumbtack.

So, hopefully this long, rambling story provides someone else with a blueprint for what to do when their dryer breaks. Or any other appliance, for that matter. Did I mention Cisco also fixes other appliances? His card is now in my “Household Organization Binder” and he will be the first person I reach out to should something else break.

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