Holiday Wrap-Up

It’s January. The holidays are behind us and we’re into the New Year. I know lots of people will say “Look forward! Don’t look back! Forget 2017!”

While I mostly agree with that sentiment (2017 was a shit year) there is one thing we all really should do and that is take stock of what happened to us in December. Well, more specifically, what happened to our wallets in December.

How’d you do? You all know how I budget for Christmas pretty far in advance (in fact, I just set up my 2018 Christmas SmartyPig yesterday), but there is always something that seems to come up. Someone I forgot I’d need a gift for or a gift idea that turned out to be more expensive than I thought. That kind of thing.

This year, I ended up going over my Christmas shopping budget by about $100. Not too bad I don’t think, but still… more than I budgeted.

I also BLEW THREW my food budget in December. Like totally obliterated it. We hosted a holiday party, Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning at our house and I spent a ton of money on food and booze this December. PLUS, we were so busy I pretty much splurged on grocery delivery every week in December. Yikes. I am going to try to account for that next year by putting aside a little extra cash for the Christmas Cookie fund.

On top of all that, I was sucked into both Black Friday sales and a Cyber Monday deal. A piece of furniture my husband and I had been eying for a while went on clearance and the deal was too good to pass up. PLUS, the fridge I wanted was on super sale and because we have an awkwardly shaped kitchen I had to purchase it since we are limited on options.

See? I’m a ridiculous bitch who can totally justify spending an extra $2000 at Christmas time. I’m just like you!

Look, I’m not perfect. BUT, I do try to at least plan out my future spending. I knew eventually I’d need a new fridge so that cost was something I’d planned for. The furniture was a little less planned for, but still something that I had been watching the price on for a while.

So what did I learn this December? Well, the good news is that I stuck to my goal of not shopping for myself. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get for Christmas but I had shown my Amazon Wish-list to a few people in the hopes that some of the stuff I had been very patiently not buying for myself would show up under the tree. And it did!

I’m not going to lie, it was pretty tough to not shop for myself, but shopping for others definitely filled the void. That and cooking. ALL THE COOKING. Oh man you guys, I ate myself silly.

January’s goal is to focus on eating cleaner (heh, sing me a new song) and NOT going out to eat as much as we did in December. For real.

How did your holidays shake out? Did you go crazy on Black Friday? Or Cyber Monday? Did you miss out on that InstantPot sale and kick yourself? (I did). Did you stick to your gift spending budget? Let me know how it went in the comments!


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