How I Made $300 This Weekend

So, I’m rich.


Well, I feel rich, having made $300 smackaroos this weekend while cleaning out my house and basking in my organizational skills. #humblebrag

My husband hates clutter. He hates having things around that do not have a purpose. And for the most part, I am the same way. Everything in my home has a place where it belongs. If it’s in its place? I’m a happy camper. If it’s all moved around and dumped all over the house all willy-nilly? I’m a fucking basket case. I just can’t stand it.

There is one caveat to that statement, however. Books. I love books. Books, books, books. They are my favorite past-time and my favorite decorating item. There are literally books in every single room in my house. They’re piled up at odd angles and styled decoratively on bookshelves and buried in boxes in closets. They’re everywhere.

I have a hard time parting with books – despite the fact that I have a kindle and am an avid user of that, I just love my physical books.

Every so often the pile threatens to overwhelm us, however, and that’s when my husband comes home with a big cardboard box and tells me, “It’s time.” Time for me to fill it up and bring it over to the Half Price Bookstore.

This weekend accidentally turned into one of those weekends as we rearranged furniture in our front room and living room. Moving stuff around to make better use of the space and open up our living areas a bit more. When that was done, I piled up books that I had read and knew I wouldn’t read again into a big box and we drove it on over to the HPB.

We walked out with $88 in cold hard cash. Not bad, right? Considering all I did was get rid of some stuff that was taking up physical and mental space within my home. I’ll take it!

Now, if you’re not a book hoarder like me – consider HPB for other things you might collect. Like DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, or even board games!

After we got home and realized how much nicer it felt to have removed the visual clutter from the house we looked around to see if there was anything else we were ready to get rid of. Having moved furniture around, there were a few things we didn’t want any longer and were ready to part with. A couple end tables that didn’t fit the space, a big planter I didn’t really have room for, and some lamps we weren’t using any more.

Click, click, click. I took a couple pictures, posted it all on Let Go and bada bing, bada boom – I had another $100 in my pocket! Woo!

The last thing we did was sort through the ever increasing pile of mail and bills that I always tend to just let stack up until I’m forced to deal with it. (Don’t worry – it at least has a spot to live in as it grows large enough to consume my kitchen!)

As we were sorting through it, we found bunch of old gift cards that we’d never spent. A gift card to a steakhouse (I’m a vegetarian) and a few other to stores we just didn’t shop at.

My husband gathered them all up and headed to Cardpool where we could sell the gift cards we weren’t going to use for nearly their entire face value!

Free money! $90-ish dollars worth of free money to be exact!

So, how much money did you make this weekend?

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