My Adventures in Gardening – Part 2

When we last left off, our intrepid gardener was looking at a big wooden box that she had built with her own two hands. It was glorious.

Unfortunately, there was still work to be done.

Right – so, I had to find a good place to put this stupid box to make sure that any vegetables I did plant in it would not whither and die.

What to do. My yard faces north-south which is actually really good for planting a garden. We basically get full sun everywhere in our yard. I don’t have many trees in my yard, but my neighbors do, so after observing where the shadiest parts of the yard were (mostly due to the biggest, widest tree canopies) I settled on a spot near my shed.

The garden bed I built is 4 foot x 8 foot so I angled it lengthwise (east west) along the side of my shed where it will get a lot of sun.

When I had it in place, I used cut up lawn bags (but cardboard would have worked too) to kill all the grass underneath it. (My poor husband probably wants to kill me for the grass murders).

Then I was faced with the task of filling this sucker up with good dirt for the vegetables to nosh on.


I used an online calculator (like this one) to determine how much dirt I needed and then checked out my local big box stores for their vegetable mix prices. I only need a total of 1 cubic yard of dirt and so a lot of nurseries wouldn’t deliver a load of dirt that small to me. Plus, it turns out I don’t own a wheelbarrow and I don’t know anyone who does, so getting the dirt delivered to my driveway wouldn’t have really worked anyway.

I ended up buying 13 bags of 2 cubic feet each of vegetable blend dirt. I placed the order online which meant all I had to do was wait for them to pull the bags for me and then drive around to the loading dock where a strapping young man stuffed all 13 bags into my tiny SUV. Success!

Are you sensing a theme here? Every time I felt some sort of accomplishment with this project I was slapped in the face with more heavy lifting.

Now I had to get 13 bags of dirt out of my car and around the back of the house to the garden.


You guys, I’m not what one would call “in shape.” I get winded very easily. But I had decided to do this project so I told my husband not to help me and that I’d do it all myself.

And I did! Que up Queen’s “We are the Champions” because I am fucking amazing.

I moved those bags of dirt to the garden, dumped them all in, spread them out, and then threw up behind the shed.

Just kidding. I didn’t barf. But it was close call. It was very hot out and I am super lazy. Oh, and it turned out I bought too much dirt so two of those bags had to go back in the car to get returned. FML.

So there you have it – the garden is now set up and looking something like this:

Stay tuned for part 3 (the fun part!) in which I actually put some plants in this sucker.

Cost so far:


Item Cost
3 2×10 eight foot planks $31.17
1 package of 4 inch deck screws $7.99
11 2 cubic foot bags of vegetable garden soil $70.84
Total $110.00


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