My Adventures in Gardening – Part 3

And here we are. The exciting conclusion to my gardening adventure lays before you.

For those of you who remember – last year (2018) I started my garden adventure. I built my own raised garden bed with the help of some lumbar and deck screws and I filled that sucker up with organic matter. I learned a lot that year.

This year, I’m taking all of what I learned and putting it to work for me!

But first can I just say that, while cute, bunnies might be the bane of my existence. FUCKING BUNNIES, man.

Anya had it right for sure. (If you get that reference, have a gold star).

For instance, I learned that the rabbits immediately saw my baby plants as an all you can eat buffet and decimated my lettuce right away. I’ll tell you what, my dogs are definitely not doing a good job at scaring away rabbits and squirrels. This year, I didn’t do any lettuce.

My neighbors must hate me as I keep a watchful eye over my bird feeders and garden. When I see a squirrel or rabbit I run out the back door screaming “You mother-fucker” like a lunatic to scare them off. My dogs just half-heartedly give chase and then roll around in the grass.


Last year, I was able to keep the rabbits mostly away from my plants with the help of some blood meal and some cayenne pepper, but this year – I bought some garden fencing that apparently tastes bad to bunnies who might try to nibble their way through it. So far, no bunnies in my garden.

I also learned that while it’s smart to plant marigolds in your garden, you should plant them at the borders of the garden and not just plant them in the fucking middle like a moron. Hmm….

Last year I went a little crazy with plants! I had so many plants stuffed into that 4×8 garden.

This year, I pared things down a bit. Three pepper plants (two sweet, one banana), three tomatoes (cherry, big boys, and heirlooms), two cucumbers, a zucchini, and some herbs (basil, chives, and parsley).

But all in all, I’m learning a lot while working on this project and I feel like it’s been so rewarding to watch everything bloom.

This yard is finally looking the way I want it to look after nearly 6 years in this house. And I have a few more plans for it including the new fence I posted about last year, and a new shed/storage solution for our lawnmower. Expanding the garden might be on that list. But of course, first things first and that’s a potential ACL surgery for my pup.
I hope you enjoyed my gardening adventure. I’m a complete novice so if you have any tips or tricks for me, I’d really appreciate it! Drop me an e-mail at or post in the comments below!

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2 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    We surrounded our raised beds with chicken wire.

    • Basic Bitch says:

      I have an idea in my head for improvements to the garden – and one of them is building some nice fencing with a gate and chicken wire. But that requires, you know, me to actually know anything about building fencing. LOL One year, I will get there. My make-shift fencing is working pretty good so far! 🙂

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