That “Special Offer” Is A Scam

My husband and I were e-mailing back and forth, as we do throughout the work day, and chatting about how many vacation days we each had left and if we needed to earmark them for anything special.

During the course of that chat, I got an email with a “Special Offer!” inside.

Two complimentary nights at the Aria in Las Vegas.

Now. There’s something you should know about me. For someone who has a money blog and wants to retire and not have to work anymore, I’m really not that good with money sometimes. Like really not that good. Like, mostly awful. See…


Like, love-love.


Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

So, of course, I email the hubs and suggest we just say fuck it all and go to Vegas the week before Christmas when it’s super cheap to travel. And, you know, two free nights.

I screenshot what our total would be for four nights in Vegas, plus flights, and it’s pretty reasonable to me. Under $600 for rooms and airfare. Let’s do it!

Now, husband, being more rational than I can ever hope to be stops me in my tracks and asks the dreaded question.

“With what money are we taking this trip?”


Hmmm…. Well, we could use my side-hustle cash come December to take the trip and not have to put anything extra aside or draw down from savings. That’d be fine.

“And, how much money did you want to gamble with?”


And that’s where stuff like this gets me.

Two free nights seems awesome! It’s FREE. C’mon! Take it!

But then you tack on airfare. And even though I travel a lot for work and can usually get pretty cheap flights and/or upgraded seats, we’d still have to pay for the flights.

Then there is, you know, eating. Which is probably something we’d want to do over the course of four days.

And if we’re staying at the Aria we have to visit the spa. It’s so amazing. You can’t not go. So that’s another few hundred smackers.

Damn… Suddenly, this super cheap and practically free trip has got me locked up for at least a couple grand.

How do they do that?!

It’s because companies that advertise through “specials” like these emails are trying to get you to think irrationally. They want you to disregard your inner Spock, say “that sounds fun!”, and book the trip without even hesitating.

And if my husband hadn’t been the more rational person in this conversation, I’d be packing my bags right now!

So, fuck you, husband.

Just kidding.


No, no. Seriously. He’s right. I don’t go to Vegas for any other reason then the food and the gambling, so a trip like this is a money trap for sure.

And this, dear Bitches. Is why it’s important that you pick a partner that compliments you! He keeps my more impulsive tendencies in check. But, more importantly, we’re both generally on the same page when it comes to our finances. And he just had to gently remind me that this trip would not align with some of the future plans we have for our money.

He’s a keeper.


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