The Cons of Buying Online

My vanity debacle is a prime example of the negatives of buying online.

When we were renovating our house, I first found a vanity that I loved online at Home Depot. We needed a 60” double bowl vanity and, apparently, a lot of these big box stores don’t carry this size in stock. No problem, I thought, I’ll just order it online.

And I did.

And it sat in my garage waiting for the contractors to get working on it.

Except we didn’t open it up to check that it was in good shape (rookie mistake) and when they went to install it, we realized that the top was all cracked up! All cracked up. Gross.

So, I called Home Depot, they sent a new one and picked up the old one and all was right with the world.


Yeah right.

The second one was delivered in worse shape then the first one. The problem was that the vanity was packed as one piece with the marble top and sinks glued on. And there was no support for the sinks. So the vanity was just bouncing around in the truck and the sinks broke off and fell into the bottom of the vanity.

So, I called Home Depot again and they were like “We’ll send you a new one! And take $500 off the price” and I was like “NO WAY.” There is absolutely nothing that makes me think that you will actually send me a working vanity and your discount, while nice, is not enough to make up for the weeks I’m losing waiting for you to ship a third one.

At this point, the entire renovation was complete minus the vanity. I did what any 21st century woman does – I asked my Facebook peeps where they got their vanity. I got a lot of good tips, but the one I went with was

Man oh man, I have never had an easier or more pleasant shopping and delivery experience than with Overstock. I had a great coupon and got a $2,000 vanity for only $1,400!! And they were so communicative throughout the entire delivery process!

AND when they got here, they opened the whole thing up and let me check it for issues. But, you guys, it was so beautifully packed that there were ZERO issues. It was amazing. Total plug for

Now, I’ll admit that for the cost of a couple of weeks of inconvenience I ended up with a vanity I loved for less than what I budgeted for. So it’s not all bad. But, the big takeaway here is that sometimes there is no substitute for seeing things in person and getting to touch and feel them.

I wish that these stores had more things in stock so I could have been able to check out the vanity on purpose.

When we were buying tile for the shower, the tile I liked at Lowes was not in stock at our local store. We had to drive 30 miles away to a different Lowes so I could see it in person before I bought it.

That was an inconvenience, but that way I was able to see that yes, I liked the tile I had seen online. And also, I was able to pick out the best pieces of tile with the best veining in them for our shower.

Bottom line.

Buying online is convenient until its not.

Buying online is cheaper, until it costs you time delays which ultimately cost you more money.

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