Trick Your Brain Into Thinking You Spent Money!

I’d like to buy a new couch.

The couch we have currently was purchased when we were living in our 600 ft condo and has been through 5 dogs, two moves, a zillion movie nights and it was never really that nice a couch to begin with.

It’s pretty beat up.

But the couch I’d like to buy is, of course, super duper expensive. And really, not super necessary. Our couch is fine. It serves the purpose of a couch. It is a place to set your butt as you binge watch entire seasons of tv shows on Netflix.

It’s fine.

But I still want a new couch.

After getting into a fight with my husband at Ikea (as you do), I decided that if I wasn’t going to buy new furniture immediately, then maybe I could do something to make our couch a little less crappy.

So, I asked him to help me rearrange all the furniture in our house. (Yes, we’re still married. No, he didn’t immediately divorce me or anything).

We have a front room/formal sitting room/room without a TV at the front of our house and we have a living room/family room/den/whatever off our kitchen at the back of the house.

Both of these rooms have couches in them. One of these couches is decidedly more comfortable than the other.

So we swapped them.

The comfy couch went into the TV room and the uncomfortable couch went into the front room. After some rearrangement of other pieces of furniture within those two rooms, we were left with a couple of things.

Rooms that felt NEW again

OMG you guys. It was so nice to just do this flip flop. Each room felt like I had just redecorated it (which I had!) and it felt fresh and clean (because I vacuumed and dusted everything as we were moving stuff around) and it just all around rejuvenated the spaces.

Items we realized we didn’t need!

After moving furniture around and really evaluating everything that went into two, pretty large rooms we realized that we had a few pieces and tchotchkes that we really didn’t need anymore. So we loaded up the trunk of my car with quite a few things to take to Goodwill and piled together some stuff to list on Let Go. Not bad.

We minimized AND reorganized! LOVE IT!

We tricked ourselves into thinking we spent money!

Suddenly, that urge to buy a new couch faded away. I was feeling happy about our living space again and enjoying our new seating areas. Moving stuff around had scratched the itch I sometimes get where I just want to SPEND.

How awesome is that? The only change that cost me money was moving a mirror from one room to another. I decided the frame would look better painted a nice navy blue than the boring white it had been. $5 later I had a sample jar of paint and foam brush from the hardware store and I was able to give a brand new look to my mirror!



Sometimes, when we get that urge to spend, what we’re really looking for is simply a change. So try something new, move some furniture around, rearrange the art on your walls, swap a boring throw blanket for a fun colored one.

Think inexpensive changes that have big impacts!

If you try this out, let me know if it scratched your itch to spend!

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  1. Andrea Langone says:

    This is such a great idea. Sometimes just flipping things around prevents you from reaching into the wallet!
    Great tip 🙂 glad you made it through Ikea married! That is always a challenge lol

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