Unsubscribe From Those Coupon Emails

Has this ever happened to you? You check your email inbox, thinking you’ll just catch up on some correspondence, but when you log in you’re bombarded for tons of promotional e-mails yelling at you!

“30% off all dresses!”

“Free Shipping on All Orders!”

“Last Day of our Pre-Black Friday Sale!”

Hmm…. you think to yourself. I like dresses. I’ll just take a quick peek-


That’s me hitting me in the face.

Don’t do it! Don’t click those e-mails. You did not wake up this morning thinking that you needed new dresses. So the fact that you now know the dresses are 30% off should not change anything. You don’t need those dresses!

And yet.

I’m guilty of doing this all the time! In fact, I just did it yesterday! Ooh, I thought. That would be a great Christmas gift for hubby!

So, I bought the thing. Even though I had already listed out what I wanted to get him for Christmas!

The fact is that those coupon emails are sending you subliminal messages to shop! Shop now! And again! And some more! They average American consumer will get suckered in by the sale flyers in their inbox. If they didn’t, companies would not continue to send them.

I tried to find some facts and figures to back up that last statement, but I couldn’t. So, I’m giving you anecdotal evidence based on the fact that I fall prey to them myself. But I bet I’m not alone.

I’ve even said these words before, “I don’t need anything from Kirklands, but they sent me a 25% off your whole order coupon, so I thought I might go poke around.”

That my friends, is shopping just to shop. And it is the bane of everyone trying to save money! If you don’t go to the store, the chances that you’ll buy something are much less than if you do go to the store “just to see.”

When we subscribe to those coupon emails we are virtually going into the store “just to see.” It’s the same concept. And with how easy it is to shop online, pay, and have it delivered without leaving your computer or your couch, these small or one-off purchases can REALLY add up.

So my recommendation to you would be to either not subscribe to the e-mails in the first place or to have all of those types of coupon emails head straight to a folder that you CANNOT see from your inbox.

The next time you need to buy something SPECIFIC, you can head to your folder and see if you have any recent coupons for that particular store. But this way you’re not being bombarded with sale flyers, coupons, and clearance deals.

Do you have a weakness? Which company sends you the MOST emails? Do you have any tips for how you handle the crazy bombing of your inbox every day? Sound off in the comments below!


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