Update on Me!

Well, it’s been a few *cough* months since I’ve updated this blog – so I thought I would update you all on the state of me.

Let’s see… since I last posted I’ve:

  • Gone on vacation
  • Renovated my entire upstairs
  • Gotten a new puppy (THREE DOGS! OMG)
  • And we are now facing a second surgery for my heart puppy (last year he had heart surgery to fix pulmonary stenosis and this year he has torn his ACL)

What have I learned in that time frame?

First of all, vacations are amazing. Hubby and I went to Vegas with some of our very best friends and had a wonderful time. We ate good food, we saw fun sights, and we gambled a little (lot). But it was awesome. Thanks to Smarty Pig and some advanced planning – we kept the costs down and were able to splurge on things that mattered to us. (The Aria spa, you guys. Heaven).

Second of all, never believe a contractor when they give you an estimate on how long something will take. Our “two week” renovation stretched out to nearly 5 weeks before everything was complete. But that’s okay (look for a longer blog post on that coming up). In the end we got exactly what we wanted and we are SO HAPPY with how our upstairs looks.

Third of all, puppies are cute for a reason. They’re cute for the same reason babies are cute. So you forget how tired they make you and think to yourself “I should get another one!” Don’t do it. Go rescue a nice a 5 year old dog – they’re so much more mellow. And so much less work.

That said, though, we rescued our perfect little puppy a few weeks ago and he’s fitting in with the pack perfectly. If I could get him to sleep past 5:15 am in the mornings, I’d be a lot happier. But his puppy energy is keeping me moving, so I suppose it’s a good thing all told.

FOURTH OF ALL – you can plan and plan and plan, but just know that your plan probably won’t go off perfectly. A few weeks after bringing our new puppy home our middle dog was playing with him in the yard and tore his ACL. Ugh.

Do you know how much ACL surgery for a dog costs? Almost $5,000! Yup. YUP.

That said, there is a reason why emergency funds are a thing. While it will suck to take out a huge chunk of change for a surgery for our dog (again) – being able to afford it is something I am so, so thankful for. Seriously thankful. I know that there are many people who have been forced to give up dogs when they can’t afford their care – and luckily, that is not us.

So there you go – the update on me! I missed you guys!

I’ve got a few upcoming posts planned out – on my renovation, on my garden (remember that?) and more!

Back soon!

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