Welcome to my Podcast!

OMG you guys! Guess what I did?

I teased this on Twitter a few weeks back, but guess what? I have a podcast! Ermergerd!

That’s right, you can now listen to me tell you to save more money every week!

At least, that’s the plan for the short term.

I’m new to this whole podcasting thing, so I’m not sure how many episodes my first “season” will be or anything like that.

Honestly, whether or not I keep doing this will depend on if you guys like the podcasts or not! Right now, I’ve taken some of my more popular posts and “podded” them. Is that a word? It is now.

I figure you might want to hear just HOW passionate I can get about things like talking to your spouse about money and how upset I get if you take away my Goldbergs.

Anyway – that’s enough of that! Welcome to the Basic Bitch Getting Rich Podcast!

I’ll post each new episode on Tuesday mornings. Otherwise, you can subscribe directly to my channel on Soundcloud if you don’t want to wait for me to post!



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