Book Review – The Miracle Morning

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my morning routine and how it was… let’s just say shit.

It’s really bad. I’m grumpy and crabby and an all around unpleasant person in the morning.

In the spirit of attempting to better myself and not be such a lazy fuck all the time, I picked up a copy of Hal Elrond’s “Miracle Morning” – Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8am.

*rolls eyes*

Despite the name of the book, I thought I’d give it a read (plus it was free on Kindle Unlilmited) and see what it was about.


This book makes a lot of sense. A LOT OF SENSE.

In fact, when I was talking to my best friend – aka the only person I know who actually voluntarily wakes up two hours before work on the regular – it turns out she already does all this crap naturally. Because she knows it makes for the ideal set up for a good day for her.

A good day means a more productive day. It means you do your best work for your employer. It means you are your best self for your spouse and your family. It means that you get the feeling that insurmountable things – like paying down debt or saving 2 million smackaroos for retirement all of a sudden become a little more realistic.


Now, if I sound like a drank the koolaid it’s because I kind of did. The author of this book is crazy inspiring.

He died you guys. Clinically dead. Then he beat cancer after being dead. He’s a miracle in and of himself.

There’s a chance he may or may not be a crazy cult leader massing his army of early rising automatons, but you know what? The way he describes it makes it sound fucking awesome.

Sign me up to be an automaton.

Hal swears by doing 6 simple things every morning – he calls them his Life S.A.V.E.R.S. Ha? Get it.

  • S – Silence
  • A – Affirmation
  • V – Visualization
  • E – Exercise
  • R – Reading
  • S – Scribing

Now this seems like a lot – but it can all be done in an hour. And the purpose of these 6 tasks are not to freak you out or overwhelm you. Instead, they’re there to help center you before your day.

Let’s break these down one by one:

Silence – this is just 5 minutes of quiet and meditation before the craziness of the day get kicked into high gear.

Affirmation – this can be as intense or as meditative as you want it to be. If you have read about the benefits of doing power poses (you know, like Superman!) this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Stand up straight, puff your chest out, and speak kindly to yourself. You do got this. You are going to have an awesome day. Again, you only need 5 minutes here.

Visualization – this saver is a little corny to me. I will admit it. And I am someone who got all caught up in “The Secret” back in the day. But you can do this for just a few minutes, right? I have seen a lot of folks say that they combine their affirmation and visualization together.

Exercise – you knew it was coming, didn’t you? Getting your heart pumping first thing in the morning is good for you! And unless you actually really like to work out after work or on your lunch break, this time of day probably makes a lot of sense for a lot of people. I know that I am always so exhausted after work that just the thought of exercise makes me want to cry. I’m looking forward to attempting to get this out of the way earlier in the day. This will probably be your longest chunk of time in the morning – 15 to 30 minutes at least.

Reading – Hal recommends even just 5 minutes of reading a day. If you’re a religious person maybe you review your holy texts. If you’re addicted to self help books like me, maybe you just spend 5 minutes reading the next chapter of your latest book.

Scribing – this really means writing or journaling but I guess the acronym wouldn’t have made sense without the help of a thesaurus. I think for a lot of people this could be some journaling or it could be listing out all the random shit you’ve got going on in your brain. Or it could be reviewing your schedule for the day and making some notes on your “to do” list. Again, you really only need as much time as you want here – 5 or 10 minutes.

Hal says all of this should be done in about an hour (more if you do a more intense work out routine) and that you should attempt to get all of these things in even if you’re running late in the morning.

This blog post is going up on a Monday morning and I am attempting my very own Miracle Morning routine the day this posts (talk about accountability!).

I hope to get into a good routine with this because like I said, it just makes a lot of sense!

I figure I’ll give myself a few weeks of testing this out and then report back to you all. What do you think? Think I can do it? Or will I fall flat on my ass? Place your bets folks!!!


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