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When I choose to write about a specific topic a few different times, that usually means it’s because that topic is a capital T trap when it comes to mindless spending.

Today, that topic is impulse purchases. Specifically, impulses purchases on a little website you may have heard of called Amazon.

“Buy It Now with 1-Click!”

That fucking button is the bane of my existence. How many times have I clicked that button when I hadn’t really thought through the purchase? Approximately 17 million times.

That is not an exaggeration.

Well, I finally had to take drastic action. I had to disable one-click purchases. Ugh.

I still haven’t pulled out the big guns, yet, though. Do you know what those are? That’s un-storing my credit card from Amazon entirely. I should do it. I know I should do it. But I’m fucking lazy and I love telling Alexa to buy dog food and then she just… buys dog food. Alexa gets me.

However, I do think that if I ever were to take my credit card off Amazon (in such a way so that I had to enter it in every.time.I.bought.something) it would make a HUGE difference.

You know why? Because I was on vacation this week and shopping online (as I’m wont to do) and I didn’t buy ANYTHING from a store that wasn’t Amazon.

I was on Joss and Main looking at art. Didn’t pull the trigger.

I had two bar stools and a new kitchen table in my cart at Pier 1. Didn’t buy either.

My Kirklands cart was FULL of picture frames. Newp. None of them purchased.

What did I purchase this week? Gel Pens. Workout Tanks. A new dress. Popcorn. All with 1-click.

Damn you, Amazon!

I can’t be the only one that this happens to, right? Tell me I’m not alone. Tell me you’re the same way! I need to know!


Anyway, impulse shopping is a thing for me and something I’m resolving to get better at this year. Wish me luck.

PS – I did put $60 worth of lotion bar making supplies in my cart but managed not to buy any of it, so I do have some self control. Not a lot. But some.

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  1. Excellent read. I tend to never click on that Buy Now 1 Click button. I like the idea of reserving my purchase cart until I can see the whole thing. ON that note, I also have been known to need something right away, and use that service button if I just don’t want the hassle of going through and ordering it later. Like something I really need. But if it’s just something I want, not need, I never use it! Thank you for bringing this up

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