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I’ve mentioned my love for Erin Condren Planners before, but did you know that you could buy them on Amazon now? They’re not personalized if you buy them this way, but who cares? They’re much cheaper! And you get Prime shipping! Win-win.

Inspired by finding my favorite planner on sale on Amazon, I thought I’d round up my favorite organizing tools on the cheap!

Now, I’m not suggesting you shop just to shop. That would be counter intuitive to our goal of saving more money. But, there are times when a small purchase can lead to bigger changes.

A pretty notebook and pen means you might actually want to track your calories every day and look forward to the ritual of it.

A new book on productivity hacking helps you tackle that side-project you’ve been too scared to start.

An over-the-door organizer inspires you to clean out that catch-all closet, donate some items to Goodwill, and really clear out the mental clutter associated with the fact that you keep putting off something you’ve been meaning to do for a month!

Also, if you’ve ever gotten that urge to just BUY ALL THE THINGS! you’ll know that sometimes a small, necessary purchase can quell a major shopping binge.

So, without further ado, my favorite tools to help me organize, stay productive, and maybe even pamper myself once in awhile.

  1. My Erin Condren Planner – not sure you’ll like one? You can get a discount on one right now on Amazon! Do it!
  2. A Grid-IT – do you carry a tablet or a laptop or a phone with you all the time? Are you always losing your headphones or your charging cable or your chapstick in the bottom of your purse? I use a Grid-IT to stay organized. If I’m switching bags all I need to do is make sure I grab my laptop and Grid-IT and I’m ready to go.
  3. Getting Things Done – My productivity Bible. I’ve given away so many copies of this book that I should seriously just buy about a dozen and keep them in the backseat of my car like a Jehova’s Witness giving out copies of the Watchtower. Seriously.
  4. Post-its – I am a big fan of writing things down. I will often use the record feature on my phone if I’m truly without a pen and paper, but keeping post-its nearby means I can jost a quick word or two, pop it in my planner and then address it later if needed.
  5. Some pretty pens – do I even have to explain? I love using different color pens for different tasks in my organizer. And sometimes I just love using these pens when writing To Do lists to myself. The colors are so pretty!
  6. A label maker – laugh if you will, but I fucking LOVE my label maker. I mean label makers. Yes, I have multiple ones. And this handy-dandy pocket sized one is just perfect for labeling on the go.
  7. Essential Oils – okay these are just for me. But setting up my diffuser with a nice blend of oils can really get you moving! Some spicy citrus blends when I want to be productive. A soothing lavender or eucalyptus blend when I want to relax. I feel spoiled by diffusing my favorite scents. Treat yo’self. Bonus – these sets make great gifts for the holidays!

What are you favorite productivity tools? Is there a routine or tool that just works for you? How do you get in the zone? Sound of in the comments!

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