Pro Tip – Get Organized to Get Control

There are two types of people in this world. Organized People and Disorganized Hot Messes.

Which are you?

I am, obviously, an organized person. Nothing gets me going more than a fresh highlighter and a huge stack of office supplies. Simply whisper the words “school supplies” into my ear and I will fall hard for you. True fact.

I think that there is a strong correlation between organized people and people with their thumbs firmly on the pulse of their money lives. I have not backed this up with any scientific studies, but the anecdotes are all there.

Of the people I know who don’t have their financial house in order, I’d say most of them are just generally disorganized people. Sorry if that’s you, friends. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m picking on you, but it’s kind of the truth.


Chin up, though! Because, I’m here to tell you, that just because you feel disorganized now doesn’t mean you’re destined to be unorganized forever!

It’s a great time to be alive. We live in the era of lifehacks and productivity books. You can do this! I can help you!

Let’s start.

You know why you’re disorganized.

Is it because you are forgetful? Are you picking up the lion’s share of the housework on top of working a full time job? Do you just operate on the motto that “everything will all work out?”

All of these reasons for disorganization are things we can combat. I promise. And we can take care of all of them with the same trick!!

All day long, in and out, we have thoughts running through our heads. There is only one thing that turns forgetful people into organized people and it is actually really simple. You need to find a full-proof way to capture those thoughts!

I can’t tell you how many times my demented train of thought will lead me down a thought process that starts with something like “ooh! strawberries” and ends with something like “order the dogs heartworm medicine.” If I don’t hold onto that thought it’s going to be gone as fast as it arrived, but capturing that thought somehow means I’ve now collected that stray thought and I’m free to forget it again.

So what do you do If you’re just a forgetful person?

My advice to you is to download a good note-taking app on your phone and use it every single day.

I prefer an app with voice recording. Most people who are forgetful can still manage to keep their phone on their person at all times, so this is a much better solution than carrying around a notebook you’re just going to lose.

I like to use Google Keep for the most part, but lately I’ve been super into Trello. It doesn’t matter what you use so long as it’s intuitive and easy for you. Keep a button for it on your homescreen and just talk into the app (or type it) when you need to remember something.

Things I put into my app include to do lists, blog post ideas, any inspirational thought that pops into my head, if I use the last of the peanut butter I jot that down, etc…

Now, the caveat to my amazing advice is that you have to revisit your note-taking app once a day. You can’t just capture all your thoughts. You have to review your thoughts.

I like to do this when I’m at my desk because I can shoot of a quick e-mail, order whatever it is online, or make a phone call if needed – based on whatever notes I have in my app. But you might find it better to review your notes first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Do whatever works for you.

But whatever you do – find a way to capture all the random bits of information that pass through your mind on a daily basis.

If you can get in the habit of doing this its like watching dominoes fall – suddenly things just seem easier. You don’t forget to pick up paper towels at the store causing you another trip that you didn’t have planned. Because you didn’t got back to the store for paper towels you also didn’t accidentally spend another $50 on random shit (looking at you, Target).

Or because you saved a link to that recipe you wanted to remember you were able to pull something together for dinner instead of just ordering pizza.

Since you remembered that you needed to pick up your prescription you didn’t have to go to the pharmacy at 9pm and pray that they were still open.

All of this mental clutter than hangs out in our heads stresses us out. We know we’re forgetting things and then we stress about trying to remember the things we’re forgetting! It’s a vicious cycle.

Set up a no-fail capture method for everything going on in that fucked up brain of yours and I guarantee you’ll become a much more organized person overnight.

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2 Responses

  1. Google’s Keep has been a lifesaver for me. And you’re right: the key really is to find a way to mark down thoughts as we have them. That at least gives us a chance, every time we look at that list, to get the things done. So long as it’s on the paper/list/spreadsheet/whatever, we get infinite opportunities.

  2. I live and breathe by post it notes. I have them every where, and I keep it like a system. Once I accomplish that task or goal I am able to crumple it up and throw it away, it’s a physical way to tell myself that I have accomplished that task.

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