What Do You Cheap Out On?

I hate clothes shopping. I just hate it. I’ve started doing a lot of it online because I hate it so much.

But one of the things I hate about it is how expensive it is. My husband’s work pants cost like $50 a pair! And they’re just nice men’s dress pants. I feel like that is exorbitant.

So when I find something I like that is well made but not overly expensive I tend to make a uniform out of it. Right now it’s leggings and dresses from Amazon. I’ve got the same three styles of dresses in about 10 different colors and I just rotate them.

It makes getting dressed in the morning pretty easy, I will say that.

But I always feel so cheap when I’m shopping for clothes. And even shoes. I love my Chuck Taylors but they are still $65 a pair! Why?

There are certain things I just always cheap out on and I don’t know why. I don’t remember the last time I bought a pair of jeans that cost more than $30. When I was in high school I worked retail at a clothing store and I got it stuck in my head that jeans should only cost $29 and so I won’t spend more than that on a pair of jeans.

What is that? A weird, 15 year-old  money hang up for sure.

Other things I cheap out on? Shoes. I bought the same pair of flats in 4 colors from Payless because they were buy one get one free and only $19 a pair. They work well with my uniform of dresses and leggings.

I don’t generally cheap out on homegoods type stuff, but I am a bargain hunter. I will shop at TJMaxx and Ross to find things I need for a lot less money than even Target.

But I’ll also use things way past their “lifespan” and it can make me feel like maybe I’m a cheap ass.

I’ve wanted to buy new flatware for a year or so – we have the set we got when we first moved in together 10 years ago and I never upgraded it. But every time I go to buy a new set I’m put off by how much they cost and I can’t pull the trigger!! I deserve to eat my dinner with a nice fork but apparently I don’t care enough to spend money on new ones!

I have second hand furniture in my house, too. Our entire front room and dining room are filled with second hand items. They’re not the newest or the flashiest but they get the job done! They’re comfy and warm and that’s all that matters.

I do plan to buy new stuff eventually. Like, good, sturdy pieces but furniture is expensive too! And sometimes the price of it makes me cringe. A server and tables and chairs for our dining room will probably run us a few grand at the day and that’s a big thing to swallow.

Luckily, I have my SmartyPigs working for me and I’m saving and saving for these big ticket items. But sometimes even when I have the money tucked away and all saved up I still blanch when it comes to spending it!

I guess I’m a cheap ass at heart.


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4 Responses

  1. Maggie says:

    I’m cheap about beauty products and grooming supplies. $20 for shampoo? Why? It has the same ingredients as Suave. I spent $15 on a facial moisturizer, and felt like i was going nuts. E.L.F. makeup is the shit, and its $5 tops.

  2. I cheap out on most things I don’t need for working. Ie, like you, clothing. When it comes to just clothes I don’t use for work, I will buy a pair of jeans (granted they always cost like $50-$80) but I will wear them every day for a month or two, wash them and then repeat until they are literally thread bear and destroyed. I don’t question work clothing (I have to dress up super nice once a week to film weddings) so pants there are around $150-$200 a pair.

    I also cheap out on food. I’m a believer that quantity is more than not more important than quality. I’d rather have a buffet of endless options than one singular meal.

    • Basic Bitch says:

      Food is the thing I wish I could cheap out on but I love food so much! Cooking at home is definitely more cost efficient though – even if you want to buy fancier ingredients, so I try to do that more.

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