Why You Should Be Shopping at Aldi

When I was growing up, my mom didn’t work. My dad has his own business and my mom stayed home with me and my sister. One of the places we shopped was Aldi.

As I got older I didn’t think anything of shopping there and assumed most people shopped at Aldi. But I remember, distinctly, being in my 20’s and talking to someone about shopping there and having this conversation.

Me: “I love Aldi! It’s so cheap! I can get so much there.”

Them: “Ugh, I won’t shop there. I hate that place.”

Me: “Why?”

Them: “Because, growing up we were poor and we had to shop there and I never want to eat another store-brand Oreo again!”

I’m sure some psych students could do an entire dissertation on this conversation, but it stuck with me for a while. And it even made me wonder if the definition of being “successful” was being someone who could afford to shop at “name brand” supermarkets.

I’m happy to say that I didn’t really let that conversation affect how I shopped too much. But, if there is anything you should know about this Basic Bitch, it’s that I love convenience. And sometimes, it’s much easier to pop into the closest mega supermarket than to hit up Aldi.

You know what’s even easier than that, though? Ordering your groceries online and having them delivered.


Yeah. I know. It’s such a douchey thing to do. But I work a lot. And it’s so freaking easy. Open your app or your web browser, order your food, viola, it’s delivered the next day. Or the same day, even.

But I pay for that convenience. I pay a delivery fee and I pay for “name brand” foods that are probably cheaper elsewhere.

Look, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I shop at Aldi every week. I don’t. I’d say it’s a 50-50 shot on whether or not I have time to physically go grocery shopping myself or if it’s just easier to order the groceries. But, when I do shop at Aldi, I save so. much. money.  So much money.  

Before I break it down, a few things to know about Aldi if you’ve never shopped at one.

  • Bring your own quarter. The shopping carts are all chained together at the front of the store and you need a quarter to unlock one. This keeps all the carts corralled and it allows Aldi to not have to hire people to bring carts back and forth from the parking lot.
  • Bring your own bags or be prepared to pay for them. Aldi charges for both plastic and paper bags. But if you bring your own totes, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s better for the environment for you to have reusable bags. I just keep my totes in the trunk. Then I’m always ready if I need to run in for anything.
  • Aldi doesn’t really do “name brands.” Most of the stuff you buy there will be their own store brand. But, occasionally, they do have name brand items at absolute discount prices. A couple of name brands I saw today: Coke, Sprite, La Croix, Sweet Baby Ray, Sriracha, Goldfish, Pringles, and Pop-Tarts.
  • Aldi won’t have everything you need. They just won’t. Later in the post I’ll highlight a few things I still need to grab at a different store.

Okay, let’s break down the numbers. You’re going to be shocked when you see how much can be saved by shopping at Aldi!

Here’s my reciept from my last trip to Aldi. Let’s go through this list and compare and contrast what I would have spent on my grocery delivery service of choice.

Item Number of Items Cost @ Aldi Cost of Closest Name Brand Item @ Grocery Delivery Service
Chocolate Fudge Bars 2 2.59 4.99
Fudge Brownie Mix 1 0.95 2.99
Cheese Wedges 1 1.29 3.49
Organic Pinto Beans 1 0.79 2.79
Organic Black Beans 1 0.89 1.24
Great Northern Beans 1 0.59 2.79
Garbanzo beans 1 0.59 1.24
Hummus Trio 1 3.79 3.99
Vegetable Broth 1 1.79 2.99
Unsweetened Almond Milk 1 1.99 3.69
Veggie Burgers (4 ct) 2 2.49 4.32
Packaged Beef Lunchmeat 5 0.49 0.99
Bananas (.44lbs) 1 1.22 1.99
Handi-snacks 1 1.09 2.8
Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips 1 1.99 5.49
Mixed Berry Breakfast Bars 1 1.39 3.64
Corn Black Bean Salsa 1 1.99 3.29
Bagels 1 1.59 3.89
Organic Baby Carrots 1 1.29 1.99
Fresh Salsa 1 2.49 3.69
Goldfish Crackers 2 1.89 2.06
Dozen Large Eggs 1 0.89 1.29
Subtotal 44.09 83.77
Delivery Fee 0 6.95
Tax 0.77 1.61
Total   44.86 92.33


That’s a difference of $47.47!!!! Or, as a percentage, my Aldi prices helped me save 48% compared to my grocery delivery service!!! Holy Fuck!

Even without the delivery fee – just the prices alone cannot be beat.

To help you even further, here are a couple of notes on the items I bought.

  • The chocolate fudge bars are equivalent to the Weight Watchers Fudge Ice Cream Bars
  • The Gold Fish crackers were name brand. And still cheaper at Aldi
  • The lunch meat I bought my husband tastes exactly the same as Carl Buddig (according to him) and is 50% cheaper
  • The “cheese wedges” were the Aldi version of Laughing Cow. Super delicious, super cheap
  • You can’t get organic canned beans for any cheaper than if you cooked dried beans yourself
  • I’m a vegetarian and my husband doesn’t eat much meat, which is why that’s missing from our cart. Neither one of us eats much dairy (cheese) either so you’ll see lots of our protein is from beans and we’ll go with a non-dairy option (almond milk) when we can. This is probably an entirely separate blog post – but we save a ton of money by not eating meat
  • I will admit that there are things I cannot get at Aldi. I like to use non-dairy butter and I can’t find that here. My husband will eat most “Aldi brands” of foods but he refuses to eat their granola bars or Doritos, so I have to get those name brand. All in all, though, there’s not much we can’t get there.

Now, you might say, “Bitch, that’s totally fine that Aldi works for you, but Aldi is gross. I’d never even shop there!”

And I’m here to a) smack you and b) tell you that Aldi is not gross!

In fact! Aldi has been revamping a whole lot of their US stores. Including, the one nearest me!

Let’s take a tour. Tell me if it’s still gross.  

Check out this beautiful building!!

Mmmm… you’re basic AF, so I know this wine section is appealing to you. Don’t even deny it. Plus, Aldi’s rosé has won awards! Seriously!

Oh, you’re vegan you say? Gotcha covered, bitch! Check out all those non-dairy options! The Simply Nature brand is even organic. 

My favorite meatless option is their delicious veggie burgers. Top that chipotle burger with some pico and avocado and you don’t even need a bun!

Got kiddos at home that need their sugary cereal fix? Let them tear through here!

I didn’t get great shots of the produce sections or the meat and cheese sections because it was packed when I was there. But they have so much stuff. Including organics.

Look, I get that Aldi isn’t for everyone. But it is seriously underrated. There are so many great things here, and the prices are just UNBEATABLE.

That’s not an exaggeration. UNBEATABLE is the phrase I’d use.

Check out this haul, all for $44!

(And yes, those are my matching Thirty-One totes, but MLMs are a topic for another post!)

Maybe you knew all this about Aldi already. But maybe you slipped into the “convenience trap” and were getting your groceries delivered or just shopping at the closest store.

Hopefully, this post will remind you of what a steal Aldi is!

Oh! And this month – since we’re doing the October Money Challenge – I’ve decided to do all my shopping at Aldi. The first week of the month I spent $120 for a pretty large grocery shop that included two dozen eggs, a couple loaves of bread, and a lot of pantry stuff we had run out of (pasta, beans, etc…). The second week I spent $85 and $20 of that was on Halloween candy. Name brand Halloween candy. So now I’m all set for that holiday and not breaking the bank.

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7 Responses

  1. Maggie says:

    Aldi had a 12 grain bread that is delicious, hearty and about $3. Their cheeses are great, and basic meats ( chicken, ground beef, pork tenderloin) are very well priced. Frozen meats are a little more expensive, but very convenient, you can defrost a single chicken breast or fish fillet.

  2. Wow those are awesome savings! One opened up by us. I know where we are grocery shopping next! Thanks for the article.

  3. Andrea Langone says:

    Seriously Aldi is amazing! We save soooo much when we shop there. We have tried lots of things and haven’t yet been disappointed. So happy you posted the side by side savings comparison. This just makes so much sense!

  1. June 21, 2019

    […] yes, I’ve posted about Aldi’s before, but it is truly the best place to stock up for a party for cheap. I buy their frozen Angus […]

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